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The idea of living full-time in an RV is not a new one. For as long as there has been RV’s on the road, there have been people who have decided to use these rigs as their permanent home rather than as a vacation companion. Of course, living in an RV is a personal decision that you would have to make with your family, as there are plenty of sacrifices that come with this option. RV’s are great for many purposes, but only certain people will find them suitable for full-time living.

With that said, living in your RV on a full-time basis is now easier than ever, thanks to the great developments of technology. If you have access the right technologies, you can take away many of the hassles that used to be associated with life in an RV. Of course, living in an RV is never going to be exactly the same as living in a 2,000+ square foot home, but the ‘playing field’ has been leveled to some degree thanks to our high-tech world.Living on the road - RV'ing

Live on the Road

One of the main benefits of living in an RV is the ability to pick up basically your whole life and take it somewhere else. This is attractive to many people who don’t like the idea of investing their life savings in a house that is tied to the foundation and won’t be moving anytime soon. Get tired of where you are living? Simply fire up the RV and go somewhere new. To a certain extent, it is easy to see the attraction to this idea.

Of course, on the practical side, there has long been plenty of issues with this plan. How do you pay your bills? Where do you do your banking? You needed a home base on some kind, but that simply isn’t the case anymore. Today, you can do your banking online, pay all of your bills online, and much more. It isn’t usually necessary to go to a business physically in order to use their services, so you can be anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Work on the Road

The other major development which makes it possible (and maybe even attractive) to live in an RV is the ability to work while you are traveling. There are many jobs today that offer telecommuting, meaning that you should be able to work from any place you like – as long as you are connected to the web, and have the right equipment on hand. Working remotely is a movement that is only just getting started, so expect more and more people to join this revolution in years to come.

Even with the advances in technology, living in an RV is still not an option that is going to work for the majority of people. RV’s offer small living spaces, and they never will be able to quite match what is offered by a traditional house. However, if you are someone who has always been attracted to the idea of RV living – even if only for a predetermined amount of time – the amazing technology we can access today makes that dream a little bit closer to a reality.