Working for Apple may not be quite a dream come trueThe insides of Apple retail stores look extremely appealing and friendly to the outsiders however it may not be actually true. A recent interview given by a seasoned veteran Apple worker gave details on the insides and things that happen in an Apple store which is definitely worth a read. He says the company’s strict policies and internal criticism does not give a positive effect to the environment and rather it makes the employees feel as if they belong to a cult and not an organization. The employees may even face threats from customers on daily basis, which makes them anxious and scared. Getting into an apple store for work is extremely difficult and the pay is extremely less, the employees get paid around eight pounds per hour, which is not quite enough for meeting their ends. So most often they might get into debt and face other financial troubles. The organization does not value and give priority to their employees and the internal policies are quite weak too.
Working for Apple may not be quite a dream come trueThe employees are made to sign a confidentiality agreement on their first day of work, which makes Apple reinforce their secrecy. Apple is known for this behavior as all the product information and details are always kept hidden from the public eye. Employees are restricted from speaking in public about their jobs and even posting or mentioning it on social media. They are even restricted to avoid taking any pictures wearing their uniforms (a blue t-shirt with the apple logo). The internal promotion policies and bonuses are quite pathetic when compared to those offered by its competitors , but only few people outside are aware of this, and most of the employees are scared to let it out because of the confidentiality agreement. It is quite possible for Apple to take legal actions against the employees in case of any cases of employees disclosing any information related to the store or its products. However the benefits of working with Apple retail stores are there too, usually they select only qualified and good sales people which make them stand apart from the other retail sales men and the employees also get a generous discount on the apple products too.