Hyperloop testing became success in Las VegasThe first major testing of the Hyperloop was conducted in Las Vegas by the start-up Hyper loop one and was a big success. It was carried out on Wednesday and is expected to be put into use by the end of 2016. The test was carried out on Hyperloop propulsion system, which is similar to the concept of a sled on an open air track. This was demonstrated in a desert towards the north of Las Vegas. It was found that it could travel through the track at around 100 miles/hour and the goal is to achieve an optimum of Hyperloop. This new system is considered to be extremely time and energy efficient and the efficiency is also expected to bring on a great economic and social change to the environment. It is believed that Hyperloop could transform the way we live.
Most of the common modes of travel consume a lot of energy and time there is also a lot of time that gets lost in transit or even waiting. Brogan Bam Brogan is the chief technology officer and is also the co-founder of Hyperloop One. He says that the new systems that they are developing aims at cutting out the time consuming elements such as getting to the airport , waiting for baggage lines, ticket counters and travelling. Hyperloop testing became success in Las VegasThey are planning to build Hyperloop stations inside city centers so as to make the transportation of the passengers extremely easy. They are also planning on developing autonomous and automated ticketing systems to give the passengers an elevated experience while they get effortlessly to their destinations. Bam Brogan also says about developing pods for the passengers, so that it would be extremely comfortable and would also help the passengers to keep their bags and luggage with them without worrying over baggage claims or luggage getting lost during the transit.