GorilaThere was a tragic turn of events at Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday when a four year old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure. The zoo authorities had to kill the gorilla (which was a rare species) to rescue the little boy. The boy was hospitalized immediately and is recovering from the shock and other injuries.

It was a sad situation where the emergency crews and Cincinnati police had to take immediate action as it was a threat to life situation. The accident is said to have happened around 4 in the evening on Saturday. The boy is believed to have crawled through the wired net and barrier which made him slip into the 12 feet depth into a moat which was surrounding the gorilla’s habitat. Luckily the boy did not suffer any serious injuries from the fall and he is admitted in Cincinnati Children’s Medical Centre Hospital which is right next to the zoo.

The mishap at Cincinnati ZooThe reports suggest that the gorilla was dragging around the child and throwing him violently. The gorilla was a 17 year old male which was of the western lowland species named Harambe. Along with the males, there were two other female gorillas too in the said enclosure. However it took almost ten minutes for the Dangerous Animal Response Team to assess the situation and deem it to be “life-threatening”. There was no other solution available as the little boy’s life was in danger and this was the first time in the history of Cincinnati Zoo where an animal had to be killed in order to rescue a human being.

There has been a huge and widely variant reaction to the incident. As some people expressed their unhappiness and outrage for killing the animal, some even criticized the boy s parents for their carelessness in looking after him. However no legal actions have been taken against the parents in spite of the enormous pubic demand. Social media and networking sites have been taken up the incident seriously and have managed to gain huge responses and reactions. The video footage is also being trended on the network. However the Zoo authorities all over the nation can actually view this case as a warning to take the necessary precaution and steps to ensure that this would not happen any time again.

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